Who’s Annex Sound ?


Annex Sound

Annex Sound is the artist name of Niyomwungere Isaie, a music producer based in Turkana, Kenya and who with his studio Vugastar Production offers several services including music recordings, sound effects and voiceovers, audio mixing and mastering .
His mission is to help young local artists by offering them a high quality musical product and giving them interview skills through Vugastar Talent Show Program.

Passionate about music since his early childhood, Annex Sound has always wanted to make music. Growing up, music was his main distraction. And very early on, he understood that he couldn’t do anything else except music. In 2017, he decided to devote himself to it definitively and to make it his profession. He therefore specialized in music production and later opened his own studio.

ANNEX SOUND is the singer, songwriter, music producer and owner of Vugastar Production.
He is assisted by a student

ANNEX SOUND uses FACEBOOK, Instagram and WhatsApp to promote his recording studio. He has about 73.000 followers on these two platforms and develops his community by posting images and videos of his works. He also uses WhatsApp Business to communicate with his customers who mostly come from Facebook. He has linked his WhatsApp to his Facebook and Instagram account.

ANNEX SOUND Decides to devote himself totally to his passion, music, in 2017. When he started he didn’t have a studio and couldn’t afford to buy equipment. He therefore began by working for other studios for more than four years. This allowed him to raise money to finally open his own studio in early 2022.

ANNEX SOUND wants to work with great artists. He plans to leave his locality to settle in a big city in order to get closer to his potential customers and to be able to help other artists who do not have the means to perform.

QUOTE: “Meta helps me communicate about business and reach those I couldn’t reach”

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